Can I fill füde past the seam?
As long as your füde is securely snapped together, there is no issue with filling it above the seam. However, to get the full benefit of füde’s shape and proportions (inspired by high-end stemware), we recommend filling it to the seam (a 6-oz pour) or just below (about 5 oz). At these volumes füde’s bowl captures the bouquet and aromas of your favorite beverages, and you can always go back for a refill.

Are füde’s recyclable?
Yes! Füde was made from recyclable materials because we love our Mother Earth.

Where are füde’s made?
Füde is designed in Oakland, California and manufactured in Taiwan with one of our longtime partners.

Are füde’s safe to drink out of?
Absolutely and thanks for asking. The füde tumbler has been tested (and passed) protocols for BPA, BPS, lead, and phthalates. They have also been tested against the FDA requirements for Material Contact with Food Articles - U.S. FDA 21 CFR 177.1630 & U.S. FDA 21 CFR 177.1640

The top part of the tumbler can be tough to remove from the stack. Any tips for easy removal?
Yes, we also have found that füde tops can get pretty attached to each other during shipping. We’ve found that that gently twisting the stack is the easiest way to separate them. Another trick is to gently tap the side of the stack.

Can I wash and reuse my füde?
Our current version was designed for one-time usage and then recycling. However, we’ve certainly given our füde a hand wash and re-used it. Besides being a little cloudy, they still work pretty well after a gentle clean. But we do have exciting news to share. We are currently working on a reusable version, so watch this space!

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